a list of recommended tools and resources for no code creation

Content and ecommerce site builder: Webflow
This site was built using Webflow, which is a visual site builder. It gives you the option of either hosting with them or exporting your site in relatively clean HTML/CSS. I started it off using a basic blog/content site template that they provide (free) and then customized it to suit what I needed to do. Making changes and creating what I need is so much easier than what I've had to deal with in the past with Wordpress themes.

One drawback I've noticed is that it's a little more difficult to incorporate third party tools than it is on Wordpress, where you can usually add a wordpress plugin in a couple of clicks.

Check out Webflow

full stack web app development: bubble
Really amazing platform. Allows you to build out your front end with a drag and drop interface and provides for an intuitive back end that powers your apps. Getting responsive pages to work correctly can be challenging, but there's nothing else that will get you faster to a CRUD based web app than this tool.

Check out Bubble