I define no code as:

Software that relies largely on visual interactions to build tools, apps, functionality and automations without the need to write either front end or back end code.  

No code tools occupy an interesting space -- a far larger space than I realized before embarking on this data collection journey. I thought I would find a few dozen but ended up pulling together 161.

They live in a land between off-the shelf apps/software that have little to no customization capability and custom software built from scratch. Within that space is a wide spectrum from basic front end drag and drop builders to low-code enterprise app builders that allow for a combination of visual workflow creation paired with code (if needed) to accomplish end goals. If you play around with any of the more robust builders, you'll notice that they generally have the ability to dig in and add custom code in certain scenarios, but overall their main capabilities focus on removing the need to code.

If you've never played around with some of the better no code tools in the space, you'd probably be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

A few notes on how pulled this together:

  1. If you'll notice, this is version 0.3 of the landscape. I am sure I've missed some folks so please reach out if you notice anything amiss.
  2. I've done my best to categorize each tool into a single category, but not everything fits neatly into a single bucket. Take Airtable which can act as a connector, a front end and a back end, but it's core capability seems to be as a visual and customizable spreadsheet/database.
  3. I didn't wade into the waters of marketing automation because I wanted to focus more on  tools that one can use to build new features, apps and tools, not automate interactions with customers. There are also simply a ton of them -- and they've already been categorized in the Marketing Technology Lumascape.
  4. On a similar note, while I'm sure most ESP vendors include some form of visual email designer, I've focused on tools that are focused purely on visual design of emails.
  5. While you could technically use any of the tools on the landscape for business apps, the vendors in the Business App category truly focus on business applications.
  6. On the Wordpress front, I've tried to only include actual visual theme builders as opposed to drag and drop themes that work within builders.
  7. I have only used and tested out a handful of the vendors, so don't assume inclusion is any kind of value judgement.

Scroll below for a complete list of every vendor in the No Code Landscape via Airtable. 

Again, if you've got any edits, let me know: tom@createwithoutcode.com