Create tools and automate your business without code

You can do a lot more than you think without learning how to code. Check out how many tools you have at your disposal in the no code vendor landscape. Whether you're trying to build a landing page, software for your customers or software to help run your business, there are tools out there to help -- and you can get a lot done without the help of a developer.

Granted, that doesn't mean it's easy. Getting a hang of these tools is helped tremendously if you know something about how the web works both on the front end and back end. There are also limitations to what you can do, but those limitations decrease month after month as these tools become more powerful and as standard connectors allow for point and click integration of external tools.

That said, these tools generally have helpful resources to help you learn. For example, I built this very site using Webflow and I feel pretty comfortable with it after just a few hours of watching their helpful -- and more entertaining than they should be -- tutorials.

In the end it depends on what you are aiming to do. Many things remain simply not possible without a developer, but for a growing number of situations you will be able to do most or all of what you want if you stick with it and are creative in tying tools together.

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